Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Personalized Kit Arrives!

I am so excited! While I was sitting at work today, the Federal Express guy came in with a small box for me and I was so happy to know that inside of that brown box held a new adventure for my life. What was fun was shopping through the catalog and getting the gorgeous jewelry for 40% off!

I chose to receive the following pieces to share with friends and family!

Many Moons Earrings
Mom's Swinging Locket Necklace
Ultimate "Brag" Necklace
La Jolla Cove Earrings
Del Mar Bracelet
Wish Upon a Pearl Bracelet
Sentimental Pearl Necklace
Pearl & Heart Earrings
Chain of Hearts Bracelet
Dainty Pearl Earrings
Life's Colorful Journey Bracelet
Petite Pearl Dangler Earrings
Victoria Falls Waterfall Earrings

Holly and I love them all! The Wish Upon A Pearl Necklace is so beautiful!!! I can't wait to wear them! If you live nearby and you would like to meet for coffee sometime and take a peek at our catalog or jewelry, please let me know!

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